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By | June 29, 2017

    Today, I will elaborate on one of Amazon’s best sellers. It looks like a fun one.

    Here is the description:

    • 2.0MP HD CAMERA: HD camera with 4GB TF card, allows recording higher quality video or taking clearer images. Capture your friends and family from aerial view shots and see the world from a new angle.
    • 3D FLIPS: This drone can perform the 360-degree flips roll with one key, it is very easy to use even for the beginner.360-degree version function for you to have a cool flying play.
    • HIGI/LOW SPEED: Equipped with 2 speed modes, low and fast, this allows you to fly, for instance, in small spaces with low speed and maximum control or in more spacious areas with a very fast speed.
    • TWO CONTROL MODES: The left and right throttle stick can be switched according to your habits.
    • STABLE FLIGHT SYSTEM: With the latest 6-axis gyro flight control system, the drone will fly stably so that you can enjoy the easier flight, taking clear photo and video. Adopting the 2.4Ghz radio control technology, ensure the powerful anti-interference capability.

    I have never bought a drone or used a drone, but this one is tempting. Although I am not very versed about drones, I have been thinking about getting one to get a sky view of my property. Of course, it would be fun just to fly it.

    In my pondering about purchasing a drone, I wondered how high they can fly. So I did some research and found this answer which seems to be adequate. The altitude at which drones can fly depends on what drone you’re using and what country you’re operating in. In the United States, for example, the max altitude you can legally fly at is 400m, and you can only fly in places that aren’t any fly zones.

    My next question was what else is a drone used for. Obviously, a lot more than I had anticipated.

    Current Drone Applications and Uses


    1. Journalism, Filming and aerial photography — Drones are starting to be used in sports photography and cinematography. They were used in the 2004 Winter Olympics in Sochi for filming skiing and snowboarding events. The use of drones provides the ability to collect footage and information for use in live broadcast.
    2. Aerial photography for the Real estate market is becoming more popular also.
    3. Shipping/ Delivery — While the FFA is not in favor of Drone delivery, company’s like Amazon, UPS, and DHL sees its potential. Drones can be used to deliver small packages, pizzas, letters, medicines, beverages etc. at short distances
    4. Disaster Management — After a natural or man-made disaster, a drone can provide a quick way to gather information and navigate debris.  Equipped with high definition cameras and radars, Drones can give rescuers access to a higher field of view without the need for wasting resources on manned helicopters. And, because of their small size, they can provide a close-up view of areas where larger aerial vehicles would prove perilous or inefficient.
    5. Search and Rescue/ Healthcare — With thermal sensors, drones can quickly discover the location of lost persons and are particularly useful at night or in challenging terrain. Besides locating victims, a Drone could potentially be used to “drop in supplies” to an otherwise unreachable location. For example, a drone might be utilized to lower a walkie-talkie, GPS locator, med supplies or water to a stranded victim before rescue crews are able to extract them.
    6. Geographic Mapping — Drones can reach difficult-to-access locations like eroded coastline or mountaintops and acquire very high-resolution data to create 3D maps. The technology is already available to amateurs and professionals, enabling them to collect data and instantly download the imagery.
    7. Structural Safety Inspections — Drones can provide faster access to high-quality, real-time visual inspection for all types of utility company’s that need to inspect power lines, oil and gas pipelines, transmission towers, buildings and bridges, wind turbines and rotor blades enabling the inspector or team to access the information from a safe position.
    8. Precision Agriculture — Agricultural use of drones could comprise 80% of the market. The reasons include the need to closely monitoring of crops to improve management and yield, the need to do this more regularly and cheaply, and the environment of private land with little threat to others and letting farmers react to and improve conditions locally with inputs of fertilizer or insecticide. Down on the farm,  “Agriculture, far and away, is going to be the dominant market for UAV  A lot of the farmland is on steep hillsides, and those vehicles can treat an acre in five minutes that’s very difficult or even impossible to do with a tractor.”
    9. Wildlife Monitoring/Pooching  — Poaching is a bigger problem than ever before, elephants, rhinos, and big cats are vanishing at a disturbing clip, The presence of drones has proven to serve as a deterrent to poachers and illegal loggers. They also monitor salmon, rabbits, seals, sea lions providing new insight into animal behavior. The devices have many advantages in this type of monitoring and research, including the ability to approach wildlife closely without spooking it, the ability to operate at night, and with thermal camera sensors, drones provide unprecedented protection.                          The U.S. government already uses drones to protect its lands and to monitor wildlife populations or map roads and wetlands for land management purposes and the species that inhabit them
    10. Law-Enforcement and border patrol — Helps with crowd surveillance and public safety, help in monitoring criminal activity. Crime scene and fire investigations. The border patrol monitors criminal smugglers of migrants and drugs with Drones.
    11. Construction Sites — The monitoring from above of construction provides a new input during all phases of a project lifecycle. Aerial photography is done now for only the largest projects, however, the input would be used more widely and more frequently if more readily accessible. The ability to quickly model from above in 3D with increasing precision will provide an important way to check on projects, compare to plans, as well as better coordination of materials on the job site.
    12. Storm Tracking/Forecasting — Drones can charge into the heart of a storm without risking human life and limb. Sending drones into hurricanes and tornadoes provides new insight into their behavior and trajectory. Unmanned systems are the best approach to these dangerous situations, and with specialized sensors to detail weather parameters, new insight becomes possible.
    13. 3-D Mapping — Small, lightweight drones may look like simple model airplanes, but they can survey landscapes with thousands of digital images that can be stitched together into 3-D maps. Military and other government satellites produce similar maps, but emerging UAV technology can put that capability in the hands of small companies and individuals, to be customized and used for a seemingly endless variety of applications.
    14. Fun — Plenty of hobbyists are picking up drones to play around with, both by flying remotely and by programming drone AI (artificial intelligence). It can be used in many ways to capture videos and photographs

    One Final Note:

    We all know drones can deliver death on the battlefield, but might they also soon be delivering presents to your door? is counting on it, thanks to the online retail giant’s no-longer-secret “Octocopter” package delivery project.

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appeared on CBS television Sunday, revealing to viewers of 60 Minutes that his company is testing drones that could deliver packages in as little as half an hour after an online purchase. With the help of buckets, the drones are designed to handle loads of up to five pounds, which account for about 86 percent of Amazon deliveries.

    “It will work, and it will happen, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” Bezos said of the company’s so-called Prime Air project while predicting the drones will take to the skies within four or five years.

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    Question for you, the reader:  (If you will,  please respond in the comments area below.)

    What are some of the uses you have experienced or heard about for drones?



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