Work From Home Opportunities

    There are thousands of opportunities to work from home… but be careful


    • Some have upsells
    • Some have hidden expenses
    • Some have products to sell

    • Most have start up costs
    • Most have requirements to fill
    • Most have restrictions
    • Most have limited pay or limited salaries
    • Most have bosses or companies to answer to
    • Most have training expenses


    Avoid the risks; let’s look at some that are proven!

    According to a search on Google, these are the top 8 ways to make money online and/or offline…

    so join me as we take a look at some of these.



    1. Start your own business online and your own website
    2. No-risk matched betting (one of the quickest ways to make a lot of money online…)
    3. Online surveys. …
    4. Paid for searching the web. …
    5. Social Investment Networks. …
    6. Review websites & apps for cash. …
    7. The ‘Disney Vault’ secret. …
    8. ‘Get Paid To’ sites. …

     #1. How To Start your own website!

    Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

    Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Marketing University which provides you with all the tools and education you need to build a professional website and an online business in any niche or area of interest or expertise as well as the tools and know how to promote an already existing business. Wealthy Affiliate provides you the first and single most important thing you need for the foundation of any business and it is FREE TO GET STARTED.

    The top ten reasons why people like me join WA

    If you’re looking for work, extra money to pay the bills, something you can do at home in your own time to bring in more money, or to finance your retirement like I am doing,  the join our Wealthy Affiliate community. It offers you a work at home opportunity with all the help, but without the heavy expense. In fact, you can “Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds” at no cost at all and begin your business today.

    Click here to see more details and why Wealthy affiliate is our #1 pick for creating a business online

    #2. What is No-risk matched betting?

    Matched betting is a way of squeezing out the many free bets offered by bookmakers. All the bookies promote these offers (especially during big sporting events) to entice new gamblers to place bets with them.

    See this website for more information on what it is: 

    See this website for a  step-by-step guide or how to:

    #3.  Selling on eBay!

    Having been blessed with 3 adorable children that have already grown and gone, one finds a lot of stuff hanging around that did not follow the girls as they left the nest. So, therefore, my wife and I decided that it was time to do something with it. That began another adventure for us;  selling on eBay. It was a simple and rather a successful start; selling 3 out of the 5 items  listed this first week. That is how our eBay venture begins. If you have never sold on eBay, we found it to be rather fun and yet simple to get started.  I’d like to share how this is done in case you too are looking to rid the stuff around the house.

    There are three simple steps to selling on eBay:

    1. List it. It’s easy as taking pictures, describing your item, setting the price, and selling.
    2. Ship it. When your item sells, ship it to your buyer. Print with eBay labels and get discounts on shipping.
    3. Get paid. It’s free to sign up for PayPal, the fast, easy, and safe way to get paid on eBay.

    (More details of these three steps can be found at the eBay site using this link:

    How to make money selling on Ebay 

    1- Ebay has a step-by-step, self-explanatory listing form that makes listing items easy. There are 3 steps to selling on eBay … List it, Ship it, Get paid!

    2. There are two ways to list an item; auction-style or fixed price. If you are not sure how you want to list it, Ebay will comment you while in the listing if it is better to list as an auction or fixed price. Fixed prices run for 30 days. Auctions run for shorter amounts of time. Both, however, also offer automated re-listings if the item(s) don’t sell within the initial time period.

    3- Compare all of the Ebay and/or Amazon’s prices and determine where your price needs to be to beat out the competition. Make your price appealing enough that the ‘convenience factor’ loses.

    4- Market your product well. Make sure to upload good photographs (you can upload up to 12 photos) of the item, especially if it is used, and leave a detailed description and be honest with its condition.

    5- Check out the shipping cost (whether USPS or UPS) and Ebay’s listing costs so that you can add that to the price you are asking. Again, you want to keep your listing price appealing to the buyers.

    6- List all the items you want to sell, even if it is an old product that hasn’t been sold on Amazon for years.

    7- If you are going out of town, either take the item with you, or give it to a trusted person to ship, or remove the item from Ebay, so your account doesn’t get dinged if it does sell.

    8- Only sell things that you are 1. willing to have returned and 2. that can’t be stolen easily (such as computer software).

    9- If you get an unwarranted bad review contact Ebay.

    10- Make sure Ebay emails are coming to your inbox, and that you check your email often and respond quickly. Better yet, if you have a smartphone you can get a free Ebay app allowing you to do all of your business from your phone. Uploading your pics is much easier with the app.




    Listing fee on each item.

    Format (Auction vs. Fixed-price)

    Mostly Auction and some Fixed-price


    EBay makes major changes every year


    EBay has a feedback system allowing buyers and sellers to record their impression of a transaction, allowing buyers to leave negative comments for sellers. Sellers can leave only positive comments for buyers.


    Ebay will collect and pay the taxes to you, you are still responsible for filing and paying the taxes.

    Buyer type

    EBay buyers tend to look for bargains


    Ebay has huge databases with all the information on typical items to help make listing your item easy.

    Payment Methods

    EBay sellers can accept PayPal, and credit cards.


    methods are USPS or UPS You have control over my shipping, however, some items have outrageous shipping charges.


    Make an account, same for both seller and buyer.

    Getting paid

    Paid through Paypal after each item is sold.

     #4. Online surveys!

    Check out these sites: or

    #5. The ‘Disney Vault’ secret. …


    What is the Disney Vault?

    The ‘Disney Vault’ is the term used by Disney Studios to describe their practice of restricting the availability of certain home releases. Disney has been doing similar things since their beginnings as a film studio. Before home releases existed they would often re-release their animated features in cinemas, for example, they re-released Snow White, first released in 1937, in 1944.

    Since the birth of home entertainment Disney has extended this practice, only releasing a certain number of copies and then waiting seven to ten years before re-releasing it again (and, in fact, this hasn’t stopped them re-releasing classics in cinemas either. Both Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King got recent 3D cinema releases).

    This marketing strategy has angered some people who claim it’s a cynical way to create demand for Disney classics. However, this process also helps keep the classics feel like a big deal. Releasing them sparingly ensures that the movies are a brand new experience for the children watching them.

    Ultimately, though, the Disney Vault is good for you because you can buy a Disney classic at a reasonably low price, and then sell it on at a much higher price.

    How much can you make?

    Obviously, prices for the various releases will vary but you could expect to make back three times the price you paid for it. The most obvious example at the moment is Beauty and the Beast blu-ray 3D Diamond Edition which Amazon is selling at $91.71. On release that would have cost around $30.22, and it only came out in October 2011. It has tripled its value in less than three years.

    The 2D version of the same set is being sold by Amazon for $52.34. This would have originally retailed somewhere between $18.00 and $25.00.

    Other blu-rays that would have retailed at that price include Snow White Diamond Edition blu-ray, which is currently $36.68 on Amazon, and the Sleeping Beauty Platinum Edition blu-ray which is currently priced at $61.14. Even The Lion King trilogy, which would have retailed at $25 – $37 in Nov 2011, is already priced at $57.37.

    These are early days while those releases are only a few years old. As copies continue to get rarer and demand continues to grow, the value will continue to increase.

    Like all investing, though, there is some risk. VHS and DVD copies of Disney classics that were fetching upwards of $60 (some closer to $120) a few years ago radically devalued when Disney announced a blu-ray and DVD re-release, and are, for now at least, essentially worthless.

    How can you make money

    At the moment a lot of Disney films are out of the vault and being sold cheaply.  It’s a good time to consider investing in a few films. There is no guarantee that you’ll make a return but the recommendations at the moment are Cinderella Diamond Edition blu-ray, Bambi Diamond Edition Double Play blu-ray and / or Pinocchio, the three disk Platinum Edition blu-ray. They are all rather cheap at the moment, all classics and all special editions so they should go up in value over the next few years.


    Wishing you the best!

    More coming soon!

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