Passive income needed to retire?

By | December 22, 2016

    How to retire with …passive income!

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    I have asked myself some important questions for several years now. Questions such as “Am I ready to retire?’ Can I afford to retire? How many more years will I need to work to afford retirement? Can I stay healthy that long? “What will I do when I retire?”


    So why am I not retiring? What it comes down to is … I am not sure that I have the money I will need to last me as long as I may need it. How can I create a passive income for retirement?


    About 5 years ago while still in my mid-50s, I started looking at what it is that I wanted my retirement to look like. It was about the same time that my kids began graduating from college, getting married, and moving on and away. We have always been a close family and together whenever we could be. I want the same in my retirement years, but…


    “Doing what you have always done, and yet expecting different results is insanity”


    I was suddenly realizing that what I have been doing is not going to get me that finances that I need to retire and travel or go see the girls as needed. It was for this reason primarily that I began searching the internet for working from home opportunities.

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    Well, I have been stumbling through several “work at home” opportunities during these past years. Not having found the one that would actually be something that I would want to do in my retirement, I have diligently been looking….until now.



    Why is Wealthy Affiliate so different?


    1. It’s a university with all kinds of training for online work and business. Being a teacher, I appreciate having the opportunity to learn new things and with Wealthy Affiliate there are unlimited learning opportunities.
    2. It is not a scam and the price is very reasonable. To start out and find out if it’s for you, there is a free membership you can sign up for and try it out. No obligation to go premium, ever.
    3. There is extraordinary support. When you sign up with the free or premium you will get a course to follow with step-by-step training. In addition, you will have help and support from the pros as well as from the thousands of members aboard, on any questions you may have. All you have to do is ask.
    4. Time! You will be shown how to create one or more passive income streams.
    5. Time! You make your own schedule of when and how much time you want to work on it. And how fast you want to go. 


    Perhaps you can now understand why I am so excited about Wealthy affiliate. It’s not just a work-at-home opportunity, it is a membership into a professional online community that can and will help you build your empire, at the same time we are building ours. The difference is that you are not in this alone. You get the knowledge and wisdom of many that have already built successful online streams of income and are there to help others do the same.




    I am doing this for just that reason. To create an online passive income stream with the opportunity to build even more. And when I can do that then I also can help someone else. Sound like a good way to provide the financial confidence it takes to retire? If you want to have the same hope, confidence, experience, and eventual freedom then I strongly suggest you click on the banner below and see for yourself how much possibility awaits you! Hope to hear from you soon. 



    That brings me to the real message of this blog. I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to anyone’s financial goals at any time of your life, not just in your senior years. I wish I would have found it much sooner. If you don’t want to depend on social security and what you have already built up for retirement, I urge you to give this a try. It’s for real, it does provide for the creation of passive income, and at the present time, it’s free. 

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    If you have any questions whatsoever, ask in the comment area below. I welcome your comments and the opportunity to help. God Bless You!




      4 thoughts on “Passive income needed to retire?

      1. Dennis Darragh

        I am struggling with retirement myself. I didn’t really want to retire but an injury forced it. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like just the ticket in this instance. Being able to work on ones own terms is an integral part of the journey into retirement for those of us without a hundred million in the bank! LOL
        Keep up the good work!

      2. Randy Cadeau Post author

        Thanks Dennis,

        Thanks for visiting my site. It is a great community helping each other out, and I am very grateful for it. If you are not a member already, I encourage you to click on one of my links above and take a look around.

        The best to you,


      3. Randy Cadeau Post author

        Hi Lenny,

        Thanks for sharing. I am glad that it was helpful. Thanks also for visiting my site. Best wishes to you!


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