Getting Started

    Welcome to my website.  My goal is to create a workplace here as well as a place to share this work with those of you with similar aspirations; who would like to learn right along with me how to create an online income. I hope that I can communicate to you what I am doing here and why.

    Through this some of the things that we will look at include; how to build a website, some of the opportunities that are available for making money online, along with a very special and worthy one where you can work from home doing what you are passionate about, all while creating the income you need and desire.

         Over the last 10 years or so, I have been investigating many of the opportunities out there on the net and have come across many programs that “allow” you to make money online. Several have caught my interest, but unfortunately, several others have caught my wallet as well. In building this business website, I want to share with you the reader, a bit of my past, but even more of the present experiences as I proceed toward my ultimate goal of retiring with an ongoing online income. One more important reason for this is to hopefully help someone in avoiding the pitfalls that come along the way but also to share the successes along the path while we venture into the world of internet marketing.

    In doing so I am going to be reviewing some of the “Make Money Online” opportunities that come or have come my way, and perhaps some of you can see success as I do. In my research, I will be attempting to show you the good and the not so good with these opportunities in order to give you enough information to decide if you wish to become involved with them.

    So, again I welcome you to my workplace! I hope that what I have to share with you will be helpful. Also, I would love to hear from you and invite you to leave a comment or any questions you may have. May God Bless you along the way!