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    Looking to find high-quality keywords for your marketing campaigns?  Simply perform a search below to START your research.

    Today I want to offer you a great website tool. A tool that will help you not only find the best keywords for your website but also help you to create a domain that will get traffic. The keyword tool is called Jaaxy and can be found at  Here is a word from its co-founder, Kyle Wa from Wealthy Affiliate.

    “Today I want to discuss a few things with you and give you some perspective on what Jaaxy is and why you should consider making Jaaxy your keyword tool of choice.

    With all the keyword toys out there, it can be tough to decide which keyword tool is best for you. I know, I was a keyword and research tool consumer for a number of years, in fact since 2002 when I started out and I was using the old Overture tool to find out what keywords my competition was bidding on.

    Like the Internet, the keyword market and the reason we use keywords has evolved. The problem is that many keyword tools have not kept up, some have tried and failed, and others have done a mediocre job at best.

    We have done extensive research through comparative data testing and have come up with an algorithm that utilizes data from all Search Engines (not just Google) to reveal search data that is far closer to the “real” numbers.

    We don’t care about graphs, we don’t show you fluff, and we don’t let you fool yourself into “over analyzing” data that is meaningless.

    When we add a new feature or a new tool within Jaaxy, the first question we ask is why. We don’t say “it would look cool if there was a graph there”, instead we rephrase this “how will it benefit the user to have a graph there”. If it is just for show (like most tools out there), then we don’t add it.

    Most keyword tools have relied entirely on Google results in the past, and if you weren’t aware, many of the top tools no longer work online because Google has recently done a grandiose suspension of accounts that were used to access this data.

    This means that most keyword tools either don’t work, or they are using outdated data from their database (some of it could be a year or older!).”

    I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in using outdated data!”

    Here is how we do a keyword search with Jaaxy:

    When doing the research you want to be as thorough as you can, truly seeking out every last corner of your niche.  In other words, finding every keyword gem that is out there, and there are still lots of them left.

    This keyword research technique is very easy to do, and very easy to conquer an entire niche of keywords.

    There are just 2 tools that you need for this keyword research technique:

    (1) A keyword tool (ideally Jaaxy)
    (2) Google Instant

    If your niche is promoting keyword research tools, you might want to start with the core term “keyword”.

    My Initial Keyword Search
    As you can see, when I type in a search term, Google Instant starts giving me suggestions.  It typically shows the “most popular” searches first, in this case, the term “keyword tool” was the most popular extension of the term keyword.

    I then dump this keyword into my Jaaxy keyword tool…

    Jaaxy Search - Keyword Tool

    In doing so, I get thirty very targeted results.  You can see the little icons beside some of these search terms and this is because they have been saved to a keyword list.  This is the first part of the process. So initially, choose a root keyword, such as I did above but one that is relevant to your niche, as your starting point.

    Then after getting keywords from the initial process, proceed by using all of the letters of the alphabet after your initial niche root word (in the above example the root word was:”keyword.”). In this step, you would type in your root word plus the letter an (ex, “keyword a”)  into Google and in an instant (“Google instant”) you will have several more keywords to plug into Jaaxy. Following this with “keyword b” and every remaining letter of the alphabet.

    Once having done this with all of the letters in the alphabet (at least as many as you are satisfied with) take these findings to your keyword tool (Jaaxy is my best recommendation for keyword tools …)  and you will come up with great keywords or key phrases that are high in monthly searches, but low in competition.

    Use the search on top and see how easy if can be to get key keywords.


    P.S. Your questions and comments are always welcomed.

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