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By | February 25, 2017

    Amazon shopping is now available on this website!

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    As an affiliate marketer, I have recently become an affiliate for Amazon. If you are one of my returning visitors, you may have noticed the addition of an Amazon shopping portal to my website. We all know that no one store can always have everything cheaper. My goal is to offer you some of the best things to buy on Amazon! In my research on Amazon products, I have found several which are usually always priced lower on Amazon. Click here for more on Amazons good buys!

    Welcome to my Amazon store!


    First of all, “My Amazon Store” is found in the main menus at the top of this page. When you scroll over the menus you will find it on the far right. There you will find the menu that leads to “My Amazon Store” Here are items in the areas of Health and Personal Care, Health and Wellness, and Retirement resources. Along with many other products,  you will find a separate section on books as well. There are books on retirement living, planning, what to do before you retire,  how to make your money go farther, and how to even create another income while in retirement.


    In addition, for some of the very best buys, I also have made access for you to “Amazon’s Daily Deals”. To get there just hover over “My Amazon Store” menu (as shown below) and you will see “Today’s Amazon Deals” in the dropdown just below it. There you will be brought right to Amazon’s best deals of the day,  with new deals each and every day.

    Click here now to get those deals!

    Different deals offered each and every day!



    Finally, I hope that you will find this a convenience place for you, as well as a pleasurable place to shop. I pray as well that you will find it to be most helpful for you while planning and/or enjoying the golden years of retirement.


    P.S. As always, I hope also that you will take the time to leave me a comment or two about your visit here. In the meantime, make this a great day! May God Bless!

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      1. Lindsey

        Looks great! Nice work and looks like a great way to do convienient shopping!


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