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    Hello, my name is Randy.  I was born and raised the fifth of six children on a small family farm in a very rural area in northern Michigan. I graduated from college with a BS degree and masters in elementary education. I have been blessed with a lovely wife, 3 fantastic daughters and 2 delightful granddaughters.

    I am an elementary teacher and I love it. I have been in education for over 40 years, but not all at the elementary school level. I have experienced teaching in all grades k – 12, and even more recently in the college classroom. Although, I know I will need to move on someday, and I do plan to retire. However, I have THIS DREAM of having an income, actively earning my way and making the money I want and need, and even better, starting a new career prior to retirement.

    Perhaps like many of you, I too have tried working from home and making money on the internet before, but never quite got it done.  Yet, the desire is still very much there. Now in my older years of life nearing my retirement years, I still have the dream. I am a hard worker and I know that it is possible, so I am going for it.  I want a retirement that I am in control of, and can enjoy, and one where I can help out my children and grandchildren (instead of the other way around). I would like to spend my retirement with my wife, one where we can do more traveling, sightseeing, hunting, fishing, hiking, exercising, reading and spending as much time with our family as possible.

    To accomplish “THE DREAM”, I am now taking the other side of the desk of a teacher and becoming a student in the Wealthy Affiliate marketing classrooms. My teachers are Kyle and Carson along with many others in the community. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate you may want to check us out, you have nothing to lose here and everything to gain.

    Again, my name is Randy and I am so glad to have you visit my site. I am a teacher and I have a master’s degree in elementary education. I want to use the skills that I have acquired during my 40+ years of teaching to help others; whether it be tutoring students, other teachers or others in need of my assistance. I also want to create the income that I couldn’t do as a teacher and help others like me who are about to retire, in creating an income they too can count on for their retirement. If my dream is of interest to you, or perhaps is your dream as well, then you will want to visit this Wealthy Affiliate community of entrepreneurs. What a game changer it is and you have my personal invitation to visit us and join me if you so desire at my entrepreneur hangout;  right here at my retirement desk (free of charge with no strings attached). Click below for visitor access.


    Thank you for reading and spending this time with me. If I can help you with any questions, or if you simply have a comment for me, please do so below.

    Remember,  the blessings of Jesus Christ are always available to you.  Make it a great day!

    All the best,



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